Our Mission

Plug the university outcomes gap

Plug the university outcomes gap

First-generation students are

More likely to drop out of university

Centre for Longitudinal Studies (2021). First in Family: Higher education choices and labour market outcomes. University College London

Less likely to engage in opportunities outside of the curriculum that boosts employability

The Social Mobility Advisory Group (2016). Working in partnership: enabling social mobility in higher education

80% less likely to end up in a professional role

Social Mobility Index (2019). State of the Nation Report

In partnership with universities, graduate employers, funders and supporters we equalise opportunities and break down socioeconomic barriers through a 3 strand approach:

Research & Advocacy

Amplifying the diverse voices of the first-generation student community and share their lived experiences to influence decision making.


Delivering trajectory transforming programmes that nurture, inspire and empower our community.


Through our First-Generation Awareness Training, we impart knowledge and insights gathered from both secondary research and our firsthand experience working with first-generation students.

The reality of being a first-generation student navigating university (2023, surveying 53 students)


Felt overwhelmed about navigating university for the first time


Felt 'daunted' as a first generation student


Felt intimidated navigating university with minimal support

Down to the roots