Connect with students who are the first-generation in their family to pursue a graduate job.

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. Our community spans 35 UK universities and continues to grow each month. Together, we can open doors.

What the research says


Spring 2023 Graduate Outcomes Commentary noted that graduates from disadvantaged background are less likely to be in paid employment than their more advantaged peers.


The number of students from the most disadvantaged groups entering professional jobs is lower than it should be given their qualifications. (OFS, 2020).


Labour market information on employers actively recruiting graduates from a lower socioeconomic background needs to be more accessible to career practitioners and first-generation students. (Prospects, Luminate 2021)

The future career vision of students from a lower socio-economic background


• Equal opportunity • Being appreciated at work • Good employer leadership style • Good work/life balance and job security (Talkin’ Bout First Generation, Heather Pasero, University of Southhampton, 2016)

Indifferent to:

• High starting salary • High level of personal responsibility • International interaction/opportunity • Status and prestige and attractive location (Greenbacks et al 2008, The Bridge Group 2016).

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Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not

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Events Discover our events dedicated to the advancement of outcomes for first-generation students. These events serve as a platform for thought leadership, initiating discussions to promote equity in higher education.

Wonkhe article "After a Universities UK campaign highlighted the success of first generation students, Sunday Blake and Alaya Holloway look the complexities and nuances of supporting such a diverse group."