The ultimate guide to navigating university - so you can make the most of the future you want

The ultimate guide to navigating university - so you can make the most of the future you want

Parents or primary caregivers don't have a Bachelor's? Being the first generation in your immediate family to attend university is an incredible accomplishment. Being amongst the first also presents a distinct set of challenges and opportunities that can be daunting to face alone.

The good news is you don't have to journey alone because there's a community of students who have been there and done it, sharing top tips and resources. With many schemes, mentorship and funding opportunities available to first-generation students, we'll tell you where and when you can find these to avoid missing out.

Welcome to FirstGens.

Our mission is to help students navigate the world of university, with a clear understanding on how to become graduate-work ready for when you finish.

We'll help you on every step of your journey: Boost your finances, get top marks, build confidence in your career path and connect with employers.

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Join our most raved about programme, the Navigating University Programme. Meet other first-generation students from across the UK, chartering a new journey, together. Gain insights from successful students who will share essential tips to help you excel in your first year.


Join our ambitious community of first-generation students from over 30 UK universities and participate in our annual activities. We meet up in cool venues, learn through online webinars, and stay connected via group chats.

A quick snapshot of how we support students

  • Navigating University Programme

    Get ready for your first-year at university with our step by step guidance. Receive support before you arrive and throughout your course.

  • Find a mentor

    As a wise person once said, "mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction." Many successful individuals attribute their achievements to having a mentor. Mentors are invaluable for navigating key life milestones, such as transitioning from sixth form to university, thriving throughout university, or moving from university to your first job.

  • Become a volunteer

    Join our annual Volunteer Programme where you'll gain work experience and collaborate alongside a group of students advocating for equality of opportunity in higher education. Get involved with national projects, blog writing, hosting events and much more.

  • Dive into blogs

    Immerse yourself in our blogs and guides, written by first-generation students for first-generation students.

  • Online and in-person events

    Get together and learn with like-minded students and graduate employers who are looking for the next generation of talent.

  • Access practical guides

    Get ahead by downloading our step-by-step guides and learning from top students' strategies.

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We collaborated with UCAS to share everything we wish we knew sooner!

FirstGens is quite the kickstart. I didn't realise what I didn't know, until I was told.

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